One of the security innovations that Windows 10 brought with it was the incorporation of a system that prevents the installation of software that has not been reviewed by Microsoft or one of its partners. This includes drivers, the drivers that make the hardware work. In this practical we will learn how to skip that restriction if we see it necessary.

If you have been using Windows 10 for some time, it is likely that on some occasion you have seen the warning that the driver cannot be installed due to not having the correct certificate or signature. The reason is that there are pages on the Internet where you can download unofficial drivers and they may contain malware, causing serious problems on your computer.

Although in a normal scenario and with more or less modern hardware it should not be a problem, there are times when it may be necessary to disable this function. One of the most common is to use old hardware or when we want to replace a problematic driver with a previous non-certified version.

Install unsigned drivers in Windows 10, step by step:

1.- Go to Settings> Update & Security> Recovery> Advanced startup and click on the button Restart.

2.- When the computer starts again it will show you the advanced startup options. Click on Troubleshoot, then on Advanced options and finally on Startup Settings.

3.- You will see a list with options that you can activate or deactivate with the function keys. Disable the mandatory use of signed drivers (usually F7 key) and hit Enter.

4.- When Windows starts, you will verify that you can install unsigned drivers. Of course, when you restart the protection system it will be enabled again.

If, for any reason, you want to activate the installation of unsigned drivers permanently, follow these steps:

1.- Open a terminal window by typing CMD in the Windows search engine.

2.- Type bcdedit / set testsigning on

3.- Restart. If you want to activate it again, repeat the process with bcdedit / set testsigning off

A final warning. This trick can be practical to install a device that gives us problems or start a smartphone in bootloader mode (to name two examples) but I do not recommend leaving it activated default; The use of signed drivers is a guarantee of safety for the user and, in a scenario of normal use, should not give us any problem.

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