For many players, mods are one of the great advantages of the PC as a video game platform. For that reason, they will be delighted to know that Microsoft has decided to enable this feature on their Xbox Game Pass gaming service. This month will come with an app update.

Microsoft relents and will allow you to install modifications in the games distributed on your platform. In the video that accompanies these lines, the company confirms the change and warns that the mods are not created or authorized by Microsoft and, therefore, they are not responsible for the fact that they can access personal data or alter the playable experience.

The Xbox application will not integrate a list of mods, but players will have to find and install them manually, copying them into a specific folder that the service will create on the PC. Obviously, Microsoft reserves the right to prevent any modification from working.

As of today there are games that support mods like DiRT Rally 2.0, Farming Simulator 17, FTL: Faster Than Light or MudRunner, in a list that will be expanded in the coming days.
How to install mods on Xbox Game Pass for PC

At the moment it is only available in the beta version that you can download here.
Pull down the menu next to the Play button and click Open Mod Folder.
Copy the mod you want to install in that folder.
After these steps you should have it active. In some cases you may have to restart the application.

From Microsoft recommend that, before starting to install mods, let’s take a look at the application’s FAQ section and that we can send feedback to @XboxGamePassPC to fix bugs in the beta phase. Little by little, they hope to improve compatibility with the vast ecosystem of available mods.

Although Microsoft’s bet is still far from what Steam offers is an interesting step. It would still be if you decide to integrate a selection of verified mods within the app and if they decide to activate it also on their consoles, the Xbox One and the future Xbox Series X.

More information | Microsoft


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