Although not everyone likes Twitter, it is clearly a social network to consider. More than anything because it has become a virtual space in which relevant people like politicians, artists, athletes and other groups they make their opinions known or present their new works or projects. What’s more, many media They constantly cite Twitter.

Another strong point of Twitter is that it allows you contact directly with those personalities. You may not get answers or you may. They may even share a comment from you.

And like any social network where you express your opinion and you project an image of yourself, if it falls into the wrong hands it can give you more than a headache. So it is important secure your Twitter account to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Keep your account protected

Let’s see what we can do so that your Twitter account, far from being impregnable, is harder to penetrate than those of others. Whoever wants to do it will need a lot of time and patience.

First, the password. The advice is valid for all internet. Use a strong password and do not use it for other accounts or websites. Also, you should use the login verification and provide an email address and / or a phone number to reset your password if necessary.

Make sure you access Twitter from the official applications and / or from its official website. Do not login by clicking links you don’t know. You can fall into cheat pages that will get your username and password giving it to you without realizing it.

For its part, Twitter sends you a notice by email or through official mobile applications if you log in to another device.

Going back to the login verification or two-factor authentication, to activate this option from the official Twitter page, you must click on More options> Settings and privacy> Account> Security. Then you must enter Two-factor authentication.

To do this authentication you have three options to choose from: Text message, Authentication application or Security key. Choose the one that convinces you the most and follow the instructions.

Detect accesses or hacks

There are several signs that will give you a clue as to if someone has agreed to your Twitter account or your account has been hacked. The most obvious are the worst, such as being unable to access your own account because they have changed the password.

Others are more subtle, like appearing messages posted that you have not written, private messages that are not yours, changes in who you follow or if you have blocked someone, changes to your description

The alerts sent by Twitter if you log in to a new device, browser or mobile application will also help you.

Recover your Twitter account

If you suspect that someone has accessed your Twitter account, the first thing you have to do is regain control changing the password. The fastest way is by opening this link in your browser.

If you can’t log into your account, ask that reset your password with this form.

Second step. Make sure that you associated email account Twitter is also safe. Try changing the password for another or changing that email address for another that you consider more secure.

Third step. The problem may come from an unofficial app that you gave permission to use your Twitter account. You can revoke your permission from the corresponding list at this link.

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