Make no mistake: not everyone lives in houses that look like they’ve just come out of a magazine. Furthermore, in this situation in which we all remain locked up in our house, perhaps many are not as orderly as we would like. Which is a problem when you have to make a video call with Zoom, Google Mets or any other application for such a mission. Not only does it force you to take off your pajamas, you also have to pick up the room.

To solve this problem and, why are we kidding ourselves, also to put a little humor to the situation, several proposals for special funds have come up to make video calls. In this way, first through Zoom and later also adapted to Skype, background proposals for ‘The Simpsons’ emerged from the entire list of Pixar or Pokemon movies.

Now, a new member is added to the family of the most original video call backgrounds. Who does not like the decorations that Ikea proposes in their annual magazines or when they visit their kilometer-long store? The one who more and the less has dreamed of that room full of Billy shelves, Ektorp sofas and Havsta tables but just as it appears in the photos. Now Ikea wants the world to think you have the most beautiful house in the entire gathering. Or that you live in the middle of a paradisiacal beach with a chill out area, at least in Zoom.

The Swedish store gives away a large number of funds, available on its website with office themes –for the most conventional ones–, designed for celebrations for those who turn years these days, those who prefer to imagine themselves in a charming environment or backgrounds that set the necessary environment for those romantic dates online for all those couples who have spent almost a month and a half without seeing each other. For every taste.

In order to use them in your next Zoom video call, you simply have to download the background you like best. or all if you see fit and enter the “settings” area of ​​Zoom. In the “Virtual Fund” section, simply click on the “+” icon and select the desired fund saved in the computer’s library. In the next video call you can already have meetings on your Ikea sofa in the middle of a deserted beach.

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