HP Instant Ink is a home ink replenishment service that operates under a automated ordering. You just put the printer and the paper, and HP takes care of sending you original ink cartridges at home, without commitments and without shipping costs, so you can print with professional quality.

To register we need a compatible printer, since it is in charge of checking the condition of the ink cartridges and ordering when necessary, and we must also have an email address, an Internet connection and a method of valid payment. The registration process is very simpleIn fact, we can complete it in a few minutes.

Once we complete the registration process we will receive at home a pack of cartridges and we will be ready to start printing. Remember that HP Instant Ink does not start until we install the service cartridges in the printer, which means that if we still have ink in our cartridges we can spend it without problem, we will not lose these cartridges.

Save time and money and take care of the environment with HP Instant Ink

With HP Instant Ink you can print 15 pages a month for free, in color or black and white, and with the quality you want. If this plan is too small, you can switch to the 50-page-a-month plan for 2.99 euros, very cheap, or the 100-page-a-month plan for 4.99 euros, which is also very affordable.

You can consume your pages with total freedom. For example, if you are on the 50 page plan you can print them all in black and white and minimal quality or in color and high quality, your 2.99 euro fee will not change, and the same goes for any of the other plans. This supposes an important saving in ink that you will notice month to month.

You will also save time. With HP Instant Ink you can forget about ink forever, you will not have to control the levels or go out to buy new cartridges. HP, and your printer, will take care that you never lack original ink at home, and without shipping costs.

HP Instant Ink helps you save time and money, but also allows you to take care of the environment. This service integrates a recycling program very simple that will allow you to recycle all the cartridges you spend, and without any cost, since HP bears all the costs.

You want to know more? Well, do not miss this free eBook, where you will find all the information about HP Instant Ink in 11 questions and 11 answers.


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