Given the you do not make any kind of commitment You can unsubscribe from HP Instant Ink at any time. The process is very simple, and you can complete it via Internet, without explaining or doing anything special, we simply log into our account, go to “account settings” and select the option to unsubscribe.

Signing up with HP Instant Ink is as easy as signing up, a reality that confirms that HP has thought of the user. This has an explanation, is that HP is aware that there are certain periods when we may not need to print, and therefore we will not pay for a service that we will not use.

Allow us to unsubscribe from HP Instant Ink in just a few minutes translates into total confidence in this HP service, but what happens when we unsubscribe?

What happens when you unsubscribe from HP Instant Ink

Imagine the situation. You have been subscribed to HP Instant Ink for several months and your experience has been very good. You like that the printer controls the ink levels, that it takes care of making orders for you, and that each pack of new cartridges arrives at your home and without shipping costs. You also like being able to print with total freedom and the savings that you get every month, but summer is coming and you’re going to go on vacation for two months. You have to unsubscribe from HP Instant Ink, and you are clear that when you return you will sign up again, but what will happen when you unsubscribe? Well, very simple:

Cartridges linked to service they will stop working. You haven’t paid for the cartridges, so it’s normal. You can return them to HP at no cost.
The subscription will be charged only until the month in which you decided to unsubscribe.
You can continue using your printer with cartridges that are not linked to the service.

You will not have any type of penalty, so you can unsubscribe whenever you want. When you come back from vacation you can easily sign up again. You just have to re-enter your HP Instant Ink account and reactivate the subscription Returning to register under the plan that best suits your needs, that easy.

¿Any doubt about HP Instant Ink? If the answer is yes, don’t worry, in this free eBook you will find All the information you need.


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