Just a few days ago we saw the huge redesign of the Honor web store, where the Huawei group company took the opportunity to also present some new products such as its Honor 9X Pro smartphone, or its first wireless headphones, the Honor Magic Earbuds.

A few small headphones that we have had the pleasure to test during the last days, and that show us that no need to break your pocket to have peripherals of great design and quality.

Specifications Honor Magic Earbuds

Speakers: 10mm Drivers
Noise cancellation: ANC up to 24 dB
Control: touch for music, calls and general options
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: 375 mAh + 410 with an autonomy of up to 13 hours
Charging: 1.5 hours via USB-C (5V / 1A)
Dimensions: 41.8 x 23.7 x 19.8mm for each earphone (80.7 x 35.4 x 29.2 for the case)
Approximate weight: 5.4 grams per earphone (51 grams for the empty case)

The first thing that strikes us about these headphones is their design, identical to the recently presented Huawei Freebuds 3i, and which follows an aesthetic line very similar to Airpods Pro. Thus, maintaining the characteristic “stick” or protruding arm structure, we can find a headphone finished in a small silicone pad, giving a greater sense of isolation during use.

In addition, the ergonomic design of the Honor Magic Earbuds is not only very comfortable, it helps offer a really good hold, having held in place even during exercise sessions. Unfortunately, this will not prevent us from having the odd scare, since being so adjusted to the profiles of the face, we have noticed how they moved on more than one occasion when gesturing, that is, without actually falling out of the ear .

For its part, the case will also be built under the same polycarbonate materials, with a shiny finish and a size that makes it ideal to fit any pocket. A curious detail is that, Both the closure of the cover and the holes for the headphones are slightly magnetized, helping to avoid possible accidental openings and loss of headphones.

As for the outer part of the case, in general we find a minimalist design in which hardly a small LED indicator stands out that will warn us of the battery level when opening the lid; a very subtle button to activate manual pairing; and the USB-C input for charging.

Moving on to the experience of use, it is worth mentioning that the sound quality is not as good as that of the AirPods Pro or other True Wirelles of higher price ranges. However, Honor Magic Earbuds do more than enough considering their low price.

And is that in general the sound is quite good, maintaining clear tones even in high volume ranges (with a really powerful maximum, which we recommend not using with headphones on); Although we could take a small snag in terms of the intensity of the bass, which although good, are still improvable.

Regarding noise cancellation, the Honor Magic Earbuds offer a really good and not enviable feeling of abstraction from other models with higher price ranges. Although we will be able to hear part of the external sound while when there is nothing playing, and even by keeping the volume at very low levels. However, audio cancellation is more than remarkable, and since we will normally use headphones with an active sound, most likely we will not even perceive it.

Another factor that also benefits from the noise cancellation functions are the microphones themselves, which located at the bottom of the headphones, offer a good range and quality when it comes to picking up our voice, with a fairly good reduction in external noise optimized. And it is that even in the cases of greater presence of air such as while running, the outgoing voice is always clear enough to have a smooth conversation.

Synchronization for sound transmission is also surprisingly good, with practically imperceptible latency in both videos and games. What we have been able to appreciate is that, from about 12 meters, or by adding more than 4 walls between the device and the headphones, the connection may start to show some connection cuts. However, these are quite high distances, which we can even force and extend even a little more when we try them outdoors or in large spaces, enabling the possibility, among others, of practicing sports without the need to carry the phone .

Focusing its controls on a small touchpad located on the outside of the handset, interaction with Honor Magic Earbuds is most comfortable and intuitive. In addition, although by default the controls will come pre-assigned with the noise canceling on and off functions (keeping the panel pressed for a couple of seconds) and the music pause actions (with a double tap), a One of the things that we liked the most about these headphones is the possibility of customizing in the settings.

With the only limitation of customizing a single earpiece, leaving the default controls on the second one, we can choose other options such as toggle forward, backward, activate the phone’s integrated voice assistant, or simply delete and leave the action empty.

Unfortunately, this customization feature will be limited to phones updated to the latest version of the EMUI 10 operating system. Something that will be repeated in the connectivity system and connection between devices. And it is that while the Honor Magic Earbuds will start looking for a device for pairing just by opening the lid of their case, the synchronization from the mobile can vary according to our device.

On the one hand, if we have an Honor or Huawei mobile phone with EMUI 10, a pop-up window will appear offering us the possibility of connecting them; while if we have a Huawei family phone with a previous operating system, or any other brand device, we will have to resort to manual synchronization through the phone’s Bluetooth settings.

However, we will have the option to download the application Honor AI Life from the Huawei App Store, Google Play Store and Apple App Store, through which we can access all the advanced operating options, as well as see the independent charge of each earphone and the case.

And it is that each earphone has an internal 37 mAh battery, to which we can add another 410 mAh from the case itself. Some figures that will allow us autonomy of approximately 3 and a half hours Continuous use with music, reduced up to 3 hours in the case of activating noise cancellation or using them in combination with the microphones (through calls).

However, although this autonomy may be somewhat concise when making long sessions impossible, it is worth noting that the case will offer us an additional 10 hours of charge, reaching a total usefulness of up to 13 hours of operation. And this leaves us with mixed feelings, allowing us to avoid having to depend on an outlet to be able to recharge them and enjoy more than enough autonomy for a full day, but limiting it to the added charging times themselves and without being able to use them.

Already available in our country, we can find Honor Magic Earbuds in the brand’s official web store, with a price of 99.90 euros, and under two color options to choose between classic white or soft blue already present in some of its terminals and accessories. In addition, on the occasion of the celebration of its new website, and until next May 31, we can find the headphones with a discount of up to 20%, reduced to just 79.90 euros.

Final assessment


In general, the Honor Magic Earbuds are presented as a much cheaper option compared to the Apple Airpods that you are looking to emulate, adding great sound quality and the presence of an active cancellation system. However, this time the company is guilty of simplicity in some aspects of its software and customization, limiting controls to a certain extent.

Design and build quality8.5


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