LG is one of the companies that experiments most with the smartphones that it launches on the market. In its history are products such as the Dual Screen case (with a built-in screen) or the palm recognition system. However, according to Korean media, the product the company is currently working on would go one step beyond what we are normally used to.

The main feature of the aforementioned LG smartphone would be a rotating screen that would allow it to take the shape of a “T”. The product would hit the market in the second half of the year, according to The Korea Herald. With this system, the objective would be to offer a better experience when playing multimedia content (such as video games or movies).

The screens would have 6.8 and 4 inches, according to ETNews. The rotation system has not been described by the Korean media. However, most likely, the smaller screen can rotate about one axis until it is hidden under the larger panel.

The product is known internally as LG “Wing”. East would have 5G connectivity, a triple camera (with a 64-megapixel main sensor) and a 700-series Qualcomm processor. The Korean media does not specify the exact model of the chip, although it is probably the Snapdragon 765, which supports 5G connectivity.

The price of this LG Wing would be higher than that of the LG Velvet, recently announced by the company. The Korea Herald notes that the figure would be one million South Korean won, a figure that translates to about 750 euros.

LG would try to differentiate itself from the rest

has been significantly reduced. The company, which at some point became part of the top 5 worldwide, is now behind rivals such as Huawei, Vivo, Oppo or Xiaomi.

The LG Wing It would allow the brand to differentiate itself from other rivals and try to attract the attention of consumers. However, being different from usual does not always mean being better than the rest. If the LG Wing finally hits the market, it will have to demonstrate why its daring proposition is superior to that of its rivals.

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