Hercules will be the next movie of Disney that will have flesh and blood characters. As reported in The Hollywood Reporter, the film has already begun to take the first steps, although there are still many open questions.

Its producers will be the Russo brothers, but they will not direct the film, the script is in charge of Dave Callaham, who has worked on other titles such as “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Five Rings”. It is also not known if it will follow the same trend as Alladin, which continued to be a musical, like the cartoon film.

The Disney version of Hercules features a version adapted for the little ones of the legend of the Greek hero who has to pass different tests to earn a place next to his father, Zeus. In the Disney version, Hercules does not fight against the goddess Hera, who in the film is her biological mother, but with the god of hell, Hades. Hercules’ evidence is brought by Hades, who hates Zeus.

Nothing is further from the real myth, in which Hera out of spite and to make Zeus pay for his continuous infidelities and prevent Hercules from becoming king, makes him go crazy and kill his wife and children. To redeem himself from such an act, the Oracle of Delphi proposes to Hercules to pass 12 tests with which he will regain his crown.

As the film is still in the process of adaptation, it could be that Disney decided to give it a spin and make it more adult.

There is still a lot to know more about the film, as we already know the pandemic has delayed all pending Disney releases, such as Mulan and Black Widow. They are not planning, nor by far do the premieres on their Disney + streaming platform that already has more than 50 million users around the world.


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