HarmonyOS emerged as the great alternative for Huawei to face the US trade blockade, a measure that, as many of our readers will know, has prevented the Chinese company continue to use Google services and applications, a fundamental piece within the Android experience that we all know.

It is very easy to understand. Think of Android, and now take away the Google applications, its services and the Google Play Store. Heartbreaking, right? Well, that’s the reality that Huawei has had to face in the last year, and that’s why HarmonyOS came to be considered as an alternative to Google’s mobile operating system.

I perfectly remember that, during the start of the blockade, there was great expectation around HarmonyOS, something to which Huawei itself contributed, but in the end the company decided to use the Android version without Google services and applications, and complement it with its own services and with different applications. The AppGallery is the Chinese company’s application store, and a central pillar within Huawei Mobile Services, “substitute” for Google Mobile Services.

HarmonyOS would need 300 years to compete with Android and iOS

So clear Ren Zhengei, Huawei CEO, who explained in a recent interview that he is convinced that the majority of consumers would not be willing to buy a smartphone that uses an operating system other than Android and iOS, two platforms that currently lead the smartphone market and are, in fact, the only real alternatives for the consumer.

This explains why Huawei preferred to use Android even though it could not access Google services and applications.. Launching an Android smartphone, although it lacks such services and applications, is not the same as launching a smartphone with HarmonyOS, the simple fact that the consumer discovers that it brings a “rare and little-known” operating system would have greatly affected to the sales of the last smarpthones of the Chinese giant.

It is not complicated, if you launch an Android smartphone you have the advantage that it is a well-known and popular operating system, the consumer stays first with that, and then already delves (or not) into the subject of Google services and applications. By cons, if you launch a smartphone with HarmonyOS you have an important barrier to start that directly stops the consumer.

On the subject of 300 years it is clear that Ren Zhengei said it with a touch of humor, but it is perfectly understood what he meant, that HarmonyOS would need many years and many millions of dollars to reach a level of popularity and functionality comparable to Android and iOS.


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