There are many video games that are memorable for certain characteristics ranging from the visual style to the story that the player must respect during the game. But what if, in addition to functional visuals, a video game tells the player to disrespect his story and to do whatever he wants outright?

This is how we best think of describing the Grand Theft Auto franchise, whose editions over the years have been gaining some relevance until reaching the Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most popular and successful old games in the industry … and we are not exaggerating.

As it turns out, for good news from gamers, Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V, comes free to the Epic Games Store library. Just as they read it. This online title will be available for free until May 21. However. Epic Games Store has released several games for free throughout the quarantine.

But it is enormous news that the GTA V arrives. However, they must know that the company uploaded the tweet, and then deleted it although someone managed to recover the video that made the announcement and that programmed that The game was free from May 14 to 21 on the official website of the Epic Games Store.

Tweet ad is deleted, so here you go

– Wario64 (@ Wario64) May 14, 2020

But while this note was being written, the site was (or is it still?) In limbo …

Screenshot of the Epic Games Store page having problems.

If you keep trying, then you should follow these steps. First, Sign up to the Epic Games Store online store with your Facebook, Google, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo accounts. Or, log in if you have an account. And here we leave you the LINK.

Then, you must activate two-step verification so that it is determined that you are the interested party and your data is correct. This is done from your Profile, Account, Password and security and verification activation.

Already with this, you can see the video games that are available for free to download and that they are yours forever and ever. You go to the section of Shop, Free games and everything that follows is a paradise. In this case, you should look for the Grand Theft Auto V. You must “order” so you can get the game …

We remind you that Grand Theft Auto V will not be available for free forever, but from May 14 to 21. So you must respect the announced time to be able to download.

In the Grand Theft Auto V story for PC (singleplayer), you play as Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. All three have become beloved characters, but the great thing and the secret to success is in online mode where you create your own character. This game has been quite “noble”, since the missions it proposes are more organized and with a deeper history.

Grand Theft Auto V / Rockstar Games

For example, there are missions like this:

1) A team had to steal an airplane.
2) Another team had to stealing a jailor truck.
3) Others had to disguise yourself as police, enter a prison and modify the transfer files. At the same time: those in the truck took an important inmate to prison and took advantage of what the others had already done, and thus, they escaped him.
4) Others kidnapped accomplices, silenced witnesses, and disguised themselves as lawyers. to go free.

While you don’t do missions, GTA V is a PvP where all players can kill you. What does this mean? What is a Player vs Player where you can face other players. If you are new to the game, we must warn you that you are going to enter a terrible battle where you can be chased by all the players until you are eliminated. The others know when your player has weapons, money, good clothes … when you are a novice.


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