As incredible as it may seem, Grand Theft Auto V is the first PlayStation 5 game to be officially revealed by Sony. Rockstar’s multi-award winning game is coming to the new Sony console expanded and improved. Best of all, GTA Online it will be completely free for PS5 owners when it launches in 2021.

The trailer shown by Sony during its conference does not contain new scenes, although it is expected that the end result includes a graphical optimization at the level of the mods that we currently see on PC. Those who own Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4 will receive 1 million in GTA money every month until the PS5 version arrives sometime in 2021.

There is currently no official release date, although Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, revealed that this announcement is part of a deal with Rockstar Games.

* Grand Theft Auto V’s arrival on the PS5 should come as no surprise. The game has been on almost every platform since its appearance on last generation consoles (PS3, Xbox 360). Almost seven years after its release, the Rockstar Games title is still a gold mine thanks to GTA Online, the addictive multiplayer mode.

It was recently offered free on the Epic Games Store and immediately crashed servers affecting games like Fortnite. The amount of hours invested can be a factor for many users to keep playing. Added to that is the amount of downloadable content and events that have been available in GTA Online since its launch.

The decision of Sony and Rockstar Games to provide GTA $ 1,000,000 to the owners of the game on PlayStation 4 only demonstrates the power of this modality. Now the only thing left to complete its presence on all platforms is a launch on the Nintendo Switch.


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