Almost half a year after his arrival in the United States and other markets, Google launches the Nest Wifi router in Spain. This follows the same philosophy as the Google Wifi announced in 2016 (efficiency, intelligence and ease of use), but tries to take it one step further.

The Nest Wifi solution is Composed of two different products: the Nest Wifi router and the Nest Wifi point. The first is, as its name suggests, a router: it connects to the operator’s modem using a network cable and creates a Wifi network. The second, on the other hand, is more interesting. The same device allows you to listen to music, interact with Google Assistant and, at the same time, improves the signal of the Wi-Fi network in your environment.

In search of the best connection

To extend the Wi-Fi signal, Routers and Nest Wifi points establish a mesh network with each other. This technology allows the connection to be managed more efficiently than the frequent Wi-Fi signal repeaters that many people install in their homes.

The Nest Wifi network is also smart, it monitors the status of the different nodes and Always look for ways to provide the best connection to each device. To do this, it redirects each device to the most favorable channel, the most appropriate frequency (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) and provides connection to the most successful node.

All this has multiple benefits. For example:

The Wi-Fi connection is homogeneous throughout the house. It does not matter how many points the user has installed. Devices (smartphones, computers, consoles, etc.) only “see” a Wi-Fi network, with the same SSID and the same password.
Switching between nodes is automatic and invisible to the user. The situation contrasts with that of many conventional based systems. In these cases, the user would have to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network of the main router, access the settings section of the phone and tell it to connect to the Wi-Fi network of the nearest repeater to have a higher bandwidth. In the mesh network generated by the Nest Wifi everything works as if it were a single router.
By operating as a single Wi-Fi network, it is easier to interact with certain devices in a connected home. This is the case, for example, of the Chromecast, which requires being connected to the same Wi-Fi to send or pause content.

Nest Wifi is easy to use and configure

The Nest Wifi system, in addition to the aforementioned, brings with it various advantages. One of them is ease of use and configuration. The Nest Wifi router connects to the electrical network and the operator’s modem (using a network cable). The Nest Wifi access point, on the other hand, only needs one electricity point. To configure them, simply open the Google Home application (available on both Android and iOS). The process is very simple: just assign a name to the network, choose the password and link the additional access points.

Google’s new solution, by the way, is backward compatible. Those who have a Google Wifi, therefore, can link it with the new system to extend the signal range without any problem. The linking process can also be done from the Google Home application.

Once installed, from the Google Home application you can check the status of the network, perform speed tests, see which devices are connected to the network, create a guest network or establish a series of parental controls. To carry out advanced settings (such as DNS, WAN or IPv6), Google redirects to the Google Wifi application, also available on Android and iOS.

The Nest Wifi point with Google Assistant, in addition to extending the Wi-Fi signal, offers the same features as a Nest Mini. It has a chip focused on artificial intelligence that allows you to process some voice requests without connecting to the server, touch controls on the sides, it incorporates three microphones to hear the user’s requests more clearly and offers an acceptable sound considering its size.

The Nest Wifi system, yes, does not support Wi-Fi 6, the standard that more and more technological products incorporate inside.

Nest Wifi prices and availability

Nest Wifi is available from today in the Google Store and, soon, in other distributors such as El Corte Ingl├ęs or FNAC. Prices are as follows:

Nest Wifi Router: 139 euros.
Nest Wifi Point (with Google Assistant): 159 euros.
Nest Wifi router pack + Nest Wifi point: 259 euros.

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