Google will require that your advertisers verify your identity so that people can see who they are and where the advertising comes from. According to a blog post, the tech has said that its customers will have to complete a verification program if they want to buy ads on their platforms.

Advertisers should present a personal identification, commercial incorporation documents or other information that shows who they are and where they operate. These data will be included in the About this advertiser section next to the Why this ad? Option, the latter present in all the advertising that Google Ads displays.

The verification program will start next summer, when people can access this information. According to Google, this will help understand who the advertiser is and it will serve to make more informed decisions when using advertising controls. Similarly, it will detect and limit the proliferation of misleading ads.

Verification will begin in the United States and expand to more countries. Google says that it will take a few years before it can be completed the process. The company will give priority to advertisers related to the sale of goods and services, informative, advisory or educational content, or related to regulated industries such as casinos or finance.

The technology talks about “increase transparency”, options and control when it comes to advertisements that users see on their platforms. Although there is an Ad Settings, some keep that option disabled to prevent Google from tracking our behavior in order to offer advertising related to our searches.

Advertiser verification comes as a second step after Google implemented measures to combat advertising with fake news in political campaigns. After Donald Trump’s electoral strategy that ensured his arrival to the presidency, social networks have begun to take measures in this field.

As long as Facebook stays open and parties spend more than 2 million euros In order to capture your attention on networks, Twitter decided to ban all kinds of advertising for political purposes since November 2019. In the case of Google, in 2018, the company activated the verification of identity to advertisers during campaigns so that users knew the origin of the advertisements.

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