Google is working to support Windows Hello in Chrome, which will allow use Microsoft’s biometric authentication system in the browser to complete online payments on Windows 10 devices that support them.

Google allows you to add credit cards to make automatic payments in the browser using Google Pay, but requires you to complete purchases with CVC control codes. What’s new in Windows Hello support in Chrome is that it will use biometric authentication to verify transactions.

Windows Hello is a security system that came with Windows 10 and has been improved in some updates. It allows system login and authentication functions with biometric systems, infrared cameras with facial recognition or fingerprint sensors. Credentials are stored locally and are protected by asymmetric encryption.

The tool can be connected with different applications and this is what Google will do with this Windows Hello support in Chrome. Its operation will be simple, as follows:

Open Chrome and select Settings> Payment methods
Find the Windows Hello option and enable the feature.

Click “Use Windows Hello” when you see the confirmation message.

The feature is in beta, and Google announced its development last month. It still does not work correctly with all devices, but its implementation is expected in future stable versions. Curiously, Google will be ahead of Microsoft, since this function is not available in the Edge browser.

Recently, the Edge team confirmed in an AMA session on reddit that they were not yet working on a feature to verify payments with Windows Hello: “We have no plans to enable this functionality today, but I will make sure this suggestion reaches the team correct! ยป, they explained. There is no doubt that once it is released in Chrome, Microsoft will enable it in Edge.


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