We have been seeing interesting leaks about the Google Pixel 5 for several months. Several sources have taken it for granted that said terminal will use a Snapdragon 765G SoC to avoid the high cost of mounting a Snapdragon 865, the latter chip that, in addition to having a “premium” price, does not include the 5G modem, which means that it requires a double cost.

The Snapdragon 765G SoC is a mid-range chip that has an interesting configuration, thanks to its Eight core cpu and his Adreno 620 GPU. It also supports the new 5G standardBut in terms of gross performance it is not up to the standards of the last three generations of high-end Snapdragon SoCs, that is, of the Snapdragon 865, Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon 845.

This is a major problem. We can perfectly understand that it does not exceed the Snapdragon 865, nor the Snapdragon 855, but when we get to the Snapdragon 845 we find a serious problem, and that is that the Google Pixel 5 could end up being slower than the Google Pixel 3, whenever the Mountain View company decides to use a Snapdragon 765G.

Google Pixel 5 with Snapdragon 765G: is it really viable?

Frankly, I think not. The results obtained by the Snapdragon 765G SoC in GeekBench and AnTuTu confirm that in CPU performance it is slightly behind the Snapdragon 845, but the GPU performance results are much poorer. The first Adreno 620 GPU gets 92,142 points on AnTuTu, while the Adreno 630 of the Snapdragon 845 reaches 142,235 points.

Although the difference in CPU performance it is so low that it is reasonable, when we look at the GPU performance we find a difference of between 54% and 62% in favor of the Snapdragon 845, something that obviously would not be easy to digest. A Google Pixel 5 with a Snapdragon 765G SoC could be cheaper, but it would also be less powerful than the Pixel 4 and Pixel 3.

I don’t think Google is going to be willing to take that huge step back. Something else would be to consider using the Snapdragon 765G on the Pixel 4a, a movement that would be successful.

We still do not know what SoC the Mountain View company will use in its new generation of smartphones, but apparently the information that pointed to an Exynos SoC makes a little more sense. If everything goes according to plan Google should present the new Pixel 5 during the month of October, so we still have a few months to wait.


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