Google Messages is, eye for data, the most popular messaging application of the company. And although this is a category in which the Internet giant is not doing as well as it would like -with the absolute exception of Gmail, of course-, which is why they are trying to put a little order, it has more merit than it seems As it is not pre-installed on most Android phones.

Well, Google Messages is still in active development and, without a specific date for its implementation in the stable version of the application, you will receive one of the most important and expected improvements: End-to-end encryption for RCS messages. The good news has been discovered in APKMirror, the Android application repository, and although as always they warn that the clue can lead to nothing, it would be strange if it were not fulfilled due to its relevance.

Perhaps you have not noticed because nobody uses this type of applications more than to receive alerts or confirmations, but for a long time Google Messages -to give the example that we have, although there are more- is not limited to managing SMS messages or MMS, but it does the same with RCS messages, which as you will be imagining if you did not know them, are the successors of the previous ones.

Messages from Google and RCS

In summary, the SMS and MMS are on the verge of extinction Due to the popularization of messaging applications over the Internet, whose most notable sample is WhatsApp. However, not everyone uses WhatsApp and it is necessary to have a generational relay that is a standard and anyone can use without locking themselves into something that a single company controls. Hence the RCS messages.

If SMS means “Short Messaging Service” and MMS “Multimedia Messaging Service”, RCS translates to “Rich Communication Service”That is, a new messaging protocol that brings everything together and that, when the time comes, will replace both as the most elementary messaging of any electronic device connected to the Internet. But there are several limitations that still need to be overcome and the most notable is the precariousness of its security.

The implementation of end-to-end encryption in Google Messages is the first step to solve it, so that both the sender and the receiver of the message are sure that the information is encrypted and only they have access to it. However, for this to be the case, both should have the same version of the application, once the encryption has been implemented; the same in the case of using another RCS messaging application.

RCS messages additionally work over the internet, so it is necessary to have an active and powerful connection, if sending heavy files. That is why Google Messages will continue to offer support for SMS and MMS, in case it is necessary, although it will warn the user that in this case nothing is encrypted, as they have discovered in APKMirror.

Other APKMirror findings include additional security measures that Google Messages will implement, such as the ability to allow other applications to access encrypted messages, or reminders that content is encrypted when sending RCS messages sharing the location.


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