The Internet giant has just achieved a new milestone with one of its applications and has more merit than you think: the app Google Messages for Android has reached a billion downloads in Google Play Store, according to Android Police.

And yes, the news has its interest and Google more merit than you think, because unlike what happens with many of the most popular applications for Android, Google Messages It is not pre-installed on most mobile phones on the market. Therefore, its number of downloads is more reliable than that of many of the company’s best-known applications.

Specifically, the Google Messages app for Android is not part of the GMS (Google Mobile Services) package and is not pre-installed by default on most phones on the market, except for models like Pixel, Android One and some other without great repercussion. By contrast, manufacturers often pre-install their own message apps.

Ergo, the Google Messages app for Android succeeds for its good work, and it is understandable: although you have to install the application deliberately, the that comes from Google guarantees your visibility and, in general, its usefulness, which is not a garbage like there are in the Google Play Store … And the truth is that the Google Messages app for Android is not.

In fact, it is one of the most complete applications in its category, offering features such as a built-in marking tool, reminders, smart recommendations according to the context, RCS support, web interface, advanced security … Come on, in this case, the Google Messages app for Android is the best there is.

I wish Google learned that this is how things are done and stop forcing manufacturers to forcefully pre-install their applications in the mobile terminals that are sold with Android … But it does not seem that this gap will fall.


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