New video calling services arrive amid pandemic; Apple, Google and OnePlus could delay devices, and the financial results of Facebook and Twitter are mixed.

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This week we have learned that the
War for being the favorite video calling tool does nothing but grow.
We already knew Zoom, we started using WhatsApp that now offers the
possibility to connect eight people in a video call and now two new
opponents join this field.

This is the fifth edition of La Semana
on CNET in Spanish that we recorded from home, since the protocol of
restrictions to avoid spreading the coronavirus. You can visit our
COVID-19 special for more information.

While we wait for all this
Hecatomb generated by the coronavirus passes, we have followed closely
the video conferencing services war.

This week we had announcements
important. For example, WhatsApp declared war on Houseparty that in
These days it has become its staunch rival and, on the other hand, also
we have Messenger Rooms, a new function that allows users to create
video conference rooms for up to 50 people, and you don’t need to have
Facebook account to join.

Google also took its step in this
segment, as its corporate service Google Meet, Zoom’s rival, is now
totally free until September. This tool is interesting because
It allows subtitles in real time and can add up to 100 participants.

Zoom, is still one of the most used,
because it allows the connection to meetings of up to 500 people in the plans of
paid and 100 people in the free ones. We have used Zoom for our
together, although some colleagues prefer Google Meet.

What is your favorite platform and
what is the reason?




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