Google Meet is the Internet giant’s professional video conferencing solution. Until now it was known as Hangouts Meet and its features include offering meetings of up to 250 participants, live streaming video for up to 100,000 users in a single domain and the ability to record and save videoconferences on Google Drive.

But it’s not free: Google Meet is priced at $ 25 per month per user. However, from the beginning of March until July 1, the company offers free access to all your G Suite and G Suite for Education customersall over the world for free, all because of the coronavirus … and the opportunity to attract new users is unbeatable.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the rise that telework has experienced due to the situation, we have seen in recent times as the solutions of video calls and video conferencing They have hit a high that their own managers did not expect; and in recent days we have seen more unusual announcements if possible, to highlight the one on Telegram, which will finally implement group flames.

But the same can be said of Microsoft with Skype Meet Now or Facebook with its Messenger: the big names in communications over the Internet are reacting as much as possible to avoid losing the debt. And Google Meet, of course, wants your piece of the cake.

The case of Google Meet is especially delicate because the company’s stumbling blocks with messaging applications come from afar and they can’t get the hole that by size would correspond to them. Thus, they are modifying their strategy in a hurry to be able to offer something consistent that begins with the professional sector, but that will continue with the consumer sector, which is where they have their barn of users.

Doing a quick review, Google Hangouts has gone on to a better life, but only in part: it forked first in the form of Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat and now does the same as Google Meet and Google Chat. The next step is to integrate both tools into your great workhorse, Gmail, as reported in 9to5Google. And although the strategy is the same: first those who pay and then the rest, only with the rest they will be able to come to fruition.

Therefore, expect changes in this regard in Gmail, because they should not take long to arrive. And it is that with Google Duo, no matter how hard they try, it does not seem that they are going anywhere, given the impetus that is putting the competition. While Google Meet for All is coming true, here are ten free video conferencing apps to make confinement easier.


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