The future of the pixel as one of the terminals with the best camera is uncertain. According to The Information, Marc Levoy, the main person in charge of the technology of camera of the mobiles of Google, left to work for the company in March.

Levoy’s departure is a strong blow to Google, since it is the genius behind all the image advancements in Google. The Stanford engineer was not only responsible for the project that brought Street View to life, but he also helped with the Google Glass camera and later fully integrated into the Pixel.

The report talks about a restructuring of the division. Joined Levoy was Mario Queiroz, Pixel’s general manager, who emigrated to a cybersecurity company in January. The departure of both would not be a coincidence since the Pixel 4 turned out to be a disappointment in sales. The mobile received strong criticism from Rick Osterloh, the former Motorola president who Google hired to take the helm of its hardware division.

In a meeting with the development team shortly before the Pixel 4 launched, Osterloh said he was disappointed with the battery. The autonomy of the terminal was one of the characteristics most criticized by users, who did not understand why it lasted less than that of its predecessor.

To the above is added the gimmick of the gestures and unlocking thanks to the Soli chip, an opportunity that could have been better exploited and that Osterloh did not like either. The hardware manager’s plan at Google was to turn the Pixel into a mobile for the masses in 2022, something that was cut short by the Pixel 4’s poor sales performance.

The Google Pixel 4a would be presented along with Android 11

While the Pixel 4a release date still unconfirmed, some think it could happen in June with Android 11. Google canceled its I / O 2020 developer conference due to the coronavirus, the scenario where they usually present their terminals. Now the cheap mobile of the technology that will compete with the iPhone SE 2020, would be revealed at a digital event where the final version of Android 11 will debut.

The Pixel 4a will arrive with a 5.8-inch screen, 12 MP rear camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. The 8 MP front camera is integrated into the display panel to reduce frames. The battery will be 3,080 mAh and it is unknown if there will be an XL version with greater autonomy,

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