Google Lens announced a new update that allows copy the text of your handwritten notes and then send them to the computer. This feature consists of focusing the text on the Lens camera, selecting it and using the “Copy to my computer” option. Later you can paste it from an open window in Chrome on your laptop or desktop computer.

This feature requires that both mobile and computer be signed with the same user account, as well as having the latest version of Chrome installed on the computer. If you feel a kind of déjà vu it is not strange. A similar option was already present, although it only allowed sending the text to the mobile.

The possibility of copying our notes directly to the computer searches boost productivity. The new feature was announced by Lou Wang, Lens product manager, who revealed other options that are integrated into the company’s recognition system.

Google Lens can now read aloud text in Spanish or another language

Google Lens can also read aloud a text in Spanish or another language. According to the company, searches for the term “Learning a new language” have doubled in recent months. Lens now allows complex words to be translated and practiced in more than 100 languages ​​by simply selecting them and pressing a button

While some have gotten used to doing this in Google Translate, simplifying the steps never hurts. Lens will also allow look for words you don’t understand while you are reading a book or journal. You will only have to select the text and a search will be performed of the term offering direct access to Wikipedia and other results.

The update with these features is now available for Lens on iOS and Android. The only one that will not start on Apple devices is the possibility of listening to the selected text, although it will be integrated later.

Google Lens was announced in I / O 2017 as a proposal from Google to recognize and interact with the world around us. From copying the Wi-Fi key, analyzing the restaurant menu or the Eiffel tower, the Google system can recognize and provide detailed information about what we see. Lens can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices and is integrated with the Assistant.

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