Google Duplex, the artificial intelligence of the Google Assistant that makes calls for you, is already available in spanish. The technology company has launched its tool in Spain as part of its strategy to help businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, and will allow call restaurants and establishments to find out their hours of service..

Duplex will not arrive with the original functions that its counterpart has in the United States, on the contrary, this tool only will focus on making calls to establishments to find out their opening and closing hourse during the coronavirus quarantine. Google will use this information to update the results that appear in the search engine and in Maps.

The Duplex arrival in Spain occurs after landing in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada and open the door so that in the future we can take advantage of it as initially planned: on automated restaurant reservations. Until before the pandemic, Google offered this option in the United States, where people could use the Assistant to call the establishment.

Duplex it was officially announced during their 2018 I / O developer conference, where attendees were surprised with a call made by a artificial intelligence using usual intonations and pauses of human beings. This has been possible thanks to Google’s neural network, which allows a more fluid and natural communication between AI and people.

It was later released in iPhone and Android terminals in the United States to make calls to restaurants. Duplex was adjusted to introduce yourself as the Google Assistant when the call starts, so that the person on the other end of the line knows that they are calling with a robot.

Its deployment in Spain means that other Spanish-speaking countries may receive Duplex in the not too distant future, as it happened with the Google Assistant. Its application as a tool to know only the hours of operation would serve as a pilot test where adjustments could be made for better performance

Duplex is able to adapt to the course of the conversation without any problem, so it could be applied in other areas. Last year Google announced that it would be available on the web to help fill out forms for online services, so as not to waste time doing it ourselves.

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