Google Duo will support video calls of up to 32 people, in a new improvement that they advance us from Android Police and that will join the already confirmed news of the support via Web, the family mode or its operation without the need for a phone number.

Google Duo is one of the free video conferencing solutions that has grown the most in use as a consequence of the confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the new needs for digital communication. Everything indicates that the rise of teleworking, tele-study and home digital entertainment they are here to stay And it is logical that all these solutions have increased in use and the suppliers are improving them. This is what Google is doing with this application, which is a lighter and more dedicated version than Google Meet, a solution more intended for business use due to its collaboration and productivity capabilities.

As you know, Google doesn’t seem to have a middle ground in software. If solutions such as its search engine, Chrome, Gmail, Youtube or Maps, devastate their respective segments, the Internet giant also has an important collection of fiascos, with applications and services that have ended up closing or are simply there, but with Very little use.

The new Google Duo

Google Duo was born in response to solutions such as Apple’s FaceTime and also to solve one of the commented fiascos: Hangouts. Although (as its name indicates) in its initial conception it was intended to work only with another user, the increase in communication needs demanded the support for group video calls. Google first implemented it for 8 participants and last month raised it to 12.

At that time he promised that he would expand it further and the process is underway, according to the promotional material that Google is sending and which brings it up to 32. A number of participants is already left over for 99% of users although others such as Zoom allow up to 250 .

It is clear that Google has intensified its efforts to adapt its messaging service to the current situation of social distancing. While Meet is geared more towards office and team meetings, Google Duo is more geared towards families and friends with more personal features.

In this regard, Google has just announced a new “Family mode” which includes effects and skins and can be activated in the menu. Another recent announcement has been the possibility of making Group video calls from the Web. The feature will begin testing in the coming weeks in the Chrome browser.

The truth is that we like this Google Duo. Created by Justin Uberti (responsible for the WebRTC communications standard), it is a simple and lightweight client, offering great quality in end-to-end transmission and encryption. It works great, especially on Android, and is also available for iOS, Chrome OS, and via the web.

If you need to know the best alternatives, you can check our guide: Ā«Ten free video conferencing applications to make confinement more bearableĀ».


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