Despite being one of the easiest applications to use, and having a support and scope like those of its parent company, Google Duo has failed to make a real profit to the current telework situation and the increasing demand for videoconferencing services due to one factor: the need to give up our phone number.

And is that in addition to being one of the data that we like the least when it comes to saving our privacy, the wide selection of free tools that allow us to register and use their services with just an email account, have ended up relegating Google in the background, even against other proprietary tools such as Hangouts. However, according to the latest information leaked by developer Jane Manchun Wong, It seems that Google Duo is about to change its requirements.

As shown in this screenshot of the mobile application, the latest version for developers would be enabling the possibility of make and receive calls directly between email addresses, thus obviating the previous need to spread our phone number in order to receive calls from others.

However, the little information in this screenshot does not clarify whether it is a substitute function, or if, on the contrary, it is simply an option added around the already present record with a phone number. Even if it wouldn’t be the first time that Google Duo opened its requirements, previously enabling the same possibility of making calls with only one email account in January, exclusively for the web version of its application.

It seems unbelievable that we have had to wait for a situation like the current one for Google to really begin to listen to the demands of its users, although with a little luck, this powerful increase in the demand for these services will continue a little longer in the time, ensuring the arrival of some new features and improvements that will last in the future after normalization.


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