Google has started to implement new functionality in products with Google Assistant that will allow adjusting the sensitivity level of the device to the Ok Google or Hey Google activation commands.

The information was advanced by XDA-Developers, who, by modifying the code of the Google Home application, managed to enable this functionality. Hours later, Google confirmed to the American media The Verge that deployment of this feature had begun, so users will see it appear in their respective accounts in the coming days.

With this new system, users of a device with Google Assistant they will be able to regulate the product response, avoid erroneous activations or achieve the opposite effect: Respond to the activation command more easily. To do this, users will have to enter the Google Home application, select one of the speakers present in the home and, in its configuration section, click on the “Hey Google Sensitivity” section.

The development of this functionality was announced in September last year, a few months after it became known that the North American company listened to the requests of Google Assistant users, transcribed the audio fragments and used the information to improve the operation of its voice recognition system. At the time, VRT News also revealed that some of the audios examined during their investigation were not preceded by the Ok Google activation command, so the speaker had begun to hear sounds from their surroundings – which, in some cases, contained information. private – by mistake.

Shortly after, Google updated its policy and the methods associated with it. However, adjusting the sensitivity of the activation commands Ok Google and Hey Google, in principle, will help to avoid the mentioned false activations –which can be encouraged by television, neighbors or the pronunciation of similar words–. This in turn will help improve the activation rate in those cases where the device with Google Assistant simply does not respond frequently to commands.

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