Wunderlist, one of the most popular productivity apps in its category, will be fired forever tomorrow, May 6. Its category is to-do lists and its goodbye is no surprise, since it has been known for months and was intuited long before: since Microsoft bought it, and it is that no matter how much it has endured, it is what usually happens in these cases.

In fact, Wunderlist has managed to stay afloat much longer than normal – nearly five years since its purchase by Microsoft was announced with the goal of bolstering the company’s productivity app ecosystem. As usual, Microsoft did not incorporate the tool into its offering, but rather used its development team and technologies to create its own.

Be that as it may, with the closure of Wunderlist we lose one of the best tasks applications of the many that are available in the multiplatform environment, and although we already know what its natural alternative is, we did not want to miss the opportunity to review other options both or more recommended.

Five alternatives to Wunderlist to manage your tasks

Just in case it’s not clear enough, Wunderlist is a task application with which organize your chores based on lists, but with extras such as the ability to attach notes, images and files to tasks, create subtasks, reminders, share, assign tasks and add comments … And other details that should be discovered on the go.

However, we are not going to delve too deeply into the details of the application, or the alternatives we have chosen to fill the gap left by Wunderlist: the important thing about a task application is that it is simple and intuitive when using its functions. advanced is concerned. That, and that is multi platform, needless to add. Let’s see five of the most outstanding.

Microsoft To Do

Of course, if replacing Wunderlist with the closest possible match, Microsoft To Do It is the first option to consider: the user experience is very similar, the data migration method has been ready for a long time and if you also use the Microsoft productivity ecosystem (Office 365), its integration with this will love. Not only that -and this is not trivial-, Microsoft To Do is a totally free tool.

Try Microsoft To Do.


If instead of looking for something the same, you look for something better, Todoist It has been the benchmark for task applications for years. It is true that over time the competition has been eating the terrain and that if you are not willing to pay the premium plan, the experience will be very limited in comparison, but its quality is beyond doubt and if you come from Wunderlist, you have to a click the migration of the data.

Try Todoist.


Speaking of references, Any.do is one of the applications that has managed to position itself as such for a few years now, as well as another one that offers the possibility of migrating data from wunderlist through a simplified and automated process. Perhaps its main drawback is its price, the most expensive of all the applications on this list by far; but it is also one of the most complete tools.

Try Any.do.


Cheaper but just as powerful is TickTick, one of the recent sensations in this of productivity applied to tasks … And yes, it also has a mechanism in place so that Wunderlist users who want to can migrate their data easily and quickly. Now, the fact that TickTick does not have the seniority of others does not mean that it detracts from them.

Try TickTick.

Google Tasks

By last, Google Tasks, Another one hundred percent free alternative that despite not offering automated migration from Wunderlist or all the advanced features of it, is an option to consider for those who rely on the Google productivity ecosystem. The downside is that it does not have a separate PC application, or even a web application, but it is simple and integrates well with Google Calendar.

Try Google Tasks.

So far our list. What would be yours? What about the task application you use? Because many possibilities, shows that those to organize life by making lists, is far from out of date. On the contrary, rather. Productivity applications


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