Good news! South Korean researchers, they just found the holy grail for control and treat diabetes. Is about contact lenses ultra-smart with which patients can not only forget about daily punctures, measuring glucose levels in just one blink, but also Diabetic retinopathy could be treated just by using them. Furthermore, this innovation would make it possible to supply medicines on demand.

As we know, diabetes is a chronic degenerative disease that once it develops in the human body, it is only controllable, it does not disappear or heal, regardless of the treatment of modern medicine. So this could be the answer to the over 991 million adults with diabetes worldwide.


Professor Sei Kwang, together with a team of researchers from the Pohang University of Science and Technology In South Korea, those who developed smart contact lenses, thanks to financing from Samsung, point out that they have onewireless power with which you can monitor while yourmedicine and insulin minister would be controlled via painless electrical signals.

The study, published in the journal of scientific rigor ‘Science Review ’, states that contact lenses would serve as an excellent interface between the human body and an electronic device for portable applications focused on health without being invasive. The lens is built on a biocompatible polymer containing ultra-thin flexible circuits as well as a microcontroller chip for electrochemical biosensors, allowing data reading in real time.

Science Review

Thus allowing the administration Drug, Wireless Power Management and Data Communicationl. An unprecedented innovation. Other tech giants like GoogleThey had already tried to manufacture their own contact lenses to treat diabetes, however, after a series of failures, the project was definitively canceled in 2018.

“We hope this research will contribute greatly to the advancement of related pharmaceutical industries by being the first to develop smart contact lenses, we have successfully demonstrated the feasibility for continuous non-invasive diagnosis of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy therapy, that serve to improve the quality of life of people who suffer from diabetes ”.


The best thing is that we will not have to wait long to have them on the market. The researchers carried out successful validation tests on rabbit tears, verifying that the glucose level in these diabetic animals analyzed by smart contact lenses co It would match your blood glucose level using a conventional glucose sensor that uses drawn blood.

In addition, the team also confirmed and verified that the drugs encased in smart contact lenses could treat diabetic retinopathy. Although the research was funded by the Samsung Science and Technology Foundation And other firms, now scientists hope to find the necessary financing to start production. Without a doubt, it is just another effort to try to find a cure for this terrible disease, which undermines the lives of people with diabetes.


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