Occasionally, we hear about game source leaks, but most of the time, those games are no longer maintained or sold. However, this time they have been two of Valve’s main gems those who have suffered from this exposure, with the complete leak of the codes of CS: GO and Team Fortress 2.

For its part, Valve has not been slow to pronounce itself through the different official channels and social networks, confirming the veracity of the leaked source code, downplaying it. And it seems that this source code apparently came from former licensees of its game engine, who obtained these games in 2017, and who in fact, were already leaked in 2018.

We have reviewed the leaked code and believe it to be a reposting of a limited CS: GO engine code depot released to partners in late 2017, and originally leaked in 2018. From this review, we have not found any reason for players to be alarmed or avoid the current builds.

– CS: GO (@CSGO) April 22, 2020

However, although the company has ensured that there is no risk of vulnerabilities For its latest installment in Counter Strike, the silence around the second shooter and the past presence of cheating in it has sparked fear among the remaining players to the point that community-managed servers have been forced to shut down. temporarily.

Until now, Valve’s only advice has been that gamers adhere to official serversA long-sought goal, now promising to offer additional new updates should any other potentially damaging information come to light.

This is not the first time that the source code for a major Valve game has been leaked, with the notorious Half-Life code theft case over a decade ago, the pursuit of which culminated in notorious arrest. Although given the age and little notoriety of these leaks, the most likely thing is that the whole thing will go down in the next few days.


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