Today more than ever, our console has become much more than just a leisure center. Thanks to video games we have been able to go outside, talk and connect with our friends, and why not, now even earn some extra money. And it is that the new PlayStation card comes as the perfect complement for any gamer, offering us a good selection of advantages in the form of discounts, free games and services, and even savings on our direct debits.

But what is the trick? None. It is a debit card Completely free, with no maintenance fees, commissions or minimum stay, so we will only spend the money from our own purchases. However, the PlayStation Card will return to us 0.5% of all purchases we make with her in the form of PSN credit as well as another additional 0.5% on our receipts electricity, water, gas, mobile or Internet that we have domiciled in the current account linked to the PlayStation Card.

A saving that if it already comes in handy at any time, it becomes especially attractive considering the imminent arrival of some exclusive PS4 titles such as The Last of Us II or Ghost of Tsushima, one of the next most anticipated releases of this year as Cyberpunk 2077, or first next-gen exclusive, Godfall.

Although not everything will focus on the next releases. For just signing up for the PlayStation Card and spend the first 20 euros, we will begin to perceive the first additional advantages as a three-month subscription to PS Plus or a digital game to choose between “The world of clouds”, “Timothy VS Aliens” or “CoolPaintR VR”. Also, if we choose one of the two Assassin’s Creed designs among the eight available card designs, instead of these benefits, we will receive 25 euros in our PSN portfolio.

Enjoy the PlayStation Card even more this summer

But the benefits don’t end here either. All users who sign up for a Liberbank account associated with a PlayStation card before next July 6 they will have an additional benefit to those previously described: twelve months of access to PS Now, Sony’s cloud gaming service, totally free and with the only shared requirement of spending at least 20 euros with the PlayStation card.

But without a doubt the great advantage is that both the Liberbank account and the PlayStation Card can be contracted completely online, in a matter of minutes and just a few clicks.

How to sign up for the PlayStation Card

For this, we will only have to access the promotion through this direct link and follow the steps indicated on the web such as the selection of the design and additional gift of our card, and the registration data and creation of the Liberbank bank account that we will associate with it.

In addition, although we will receive the physical card by ordinary mail, within a maximum period of 72 hours, from the moment we hire it, we can start using the PlayStation card through the Liberbank online banking app.

PS Now a lifetime of games with PS4, PS3 and PS2

PlayStation Now is a streaming service from PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 games in the cloud, running remotely and sending the image over the internet to our television.

This subscription service will allow us to play via streaming a large catalog of games released over the last three Sony consoles (with the great absence of the PlayStation One forced by the PlayStation Classic), and which will make available to us more than 600 titles without the need for CD’s, no download or installation.

Among others, classic titles like Ape Scape or Dark Cloud 2, from the PS2, great titles like the Uncharted saga from PS3, and more recent titles from the PS4 like Until Dawn, Mortal Kombat X, Last of Us, Bloodborne, WWE 2018 stand out. , Limbo, or Sonic Generations. In addition, Sony has already promised that this catalog will increase, including new games on a monthly basis.

Play where and when you want

But this service will not be limited exclusively to the console, having recently added the compatibility of use through Windows computers. This will allow us, through synchronization through DualShock 4, to access and play all the games through our PC.

Something that will bring out another of the great advantages of PS Now, since we can transfer our saved data directly from the cloud to our console and vice versa; which will allow us to be able to play without having to have an Internet connection, maintaining all the progress and achievements.

What requirements must I meet?

Beyond the requirements for contracting the Liberbank account and the PlayStation card, we must meet the following requirements in order to participate in the additional promotion for the 12 months of free PS Now:

Be a natural person at the beginning of the Promotion, and over 18 years of age during its validity
Have tax residence in Spain
Be a new customer of the bank
Contract the PlayStation Account and the PlayStation Debit Card (any design) online through the online contracting process until July 6, 2020 inclusive
Sign the contracts by SMS between before July 6, 2020
Make a minimum consumption of € 20 with the PlayStation Card before July 6, 2020

Remember that you can already hire your PlayStation card from this direct link, and start enjoying all its advantages, promotions and gifts from today.


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