If you use Zoom to make video calls but you would like to have a detailed transcript From the same to make annotations, meditate on what has been discussed or simply have it as a reference for the future, the Otter.ai tool can be of great help.

The California-based company has developed a feature called Live Video Meeting Notes that allows the participants of a Zoom video call to obtain a secure, interactive and real-time transcription of what is being discussed during the meeting. On it, in addition, users can highlight, comment and even add photos, also in real time. The result, therefore, is a rich and detailed history of everything that happened during the meeting.

This functionality is very useful, for example, for those students who during these days of confinement and social distancing are receiving classes through Zoom. With Live Video Meeting Notes, both teachers and students can obtain a detailed record of what was exposed during the session, make additional notes to what the teacher comments and, later, review them if necessary.

To make use of real-time transcription, Otter.ai explains that meeting host requires subscription to Otter for Teams. To obtain a transcript after the meeting has ended, however, such a subscription is not required.

In any case, Otter.ai currently offers two free months of their Otter for Teams subscription using the code OTTER_RELIEF in the registration process, so that those people who have been forced to work remotely or study remotely due to the coronavirus, will be able to take advantage of the virtues of this tool.

Zoom has become one of the most popular tools during these months of confinement in which many companies have turned towards remote work. According to Eric S. Yuan, CEO of Zoom, the number of active users has gone from 10 million in December to 300 million in April, even outperforming established platforms like Skype or Google Meet (formerly known as Google Hangouts).

Otter.ai, on the other hand, is a US company whose main product allows transcribing conversations in a simpler, more efficient way and even in real time. To do this, it uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence that, as they explain on their website, constantly learn and evolve.

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