After a first folding somewhat run over by a rather troublesome initial launch, Samsung could be preparing two Galaxy Folds for this year. And it is that, in addition to the Galaxy Fold 2 that we already expect with a somewhat lower price and renewed characteristics, the Koreans could also have an economic model running: the Galaxy Fold Lite.

In this way, there would be three folding models that we would see during 2020, if we take into account the Galaxy Z Flip presented together with the Galaxy S20. This is stated by Max Weinbach, one of the most solvent sources in the mobile industry, through a Twitter post.

The Galaxy Fold Lite would fold its screen, and its price

If Weinbach is correct, this supposed Galaxy Fold Lite will combine the Snapdragon 865 with only 4G connectivity. This would be conflicting, since Qualcomm does not give an option with the 5G in its most advanced SoC in 2020. This is so since it is accompanied by an external modem, not integrated but jointly sold, the Snapdragon X55.

Samsung would not be the first manufacturer to make such a move, as Oppo and BBK Co.’s sub-brand iQOO recently made a similar move. What is not clear is the specific way in which this movement would be carried out, if avoiding the Qualcomm modem or simply not certifying certain bands.

In the rest of the features, Weinbach aims at 256 GB of internal memory, two colors –black and purple–, without Ultra Thin Glass on its screen and everything a remix of features brought from their 2018, 2019 and 2020 devices.

Render of the Galaxy Fold 2 according to leaks. Original Image: Ben Geskin

For the Galaxy Fold 2, a front screen is rumored to encompass, compared to the first version, a larger surface with the device closed. It does not seem that the same will happen for this Galaxy Fold Lite, which would opt for the opposite. Samsung would be thinking more about an even smaller front screen, in the style of what we see in the Galaxy Z Flip.

Finally and, if there are not many changes on this Galaxy Fold Lite still in process, its price would be 1,099 euros. A price not at all economical for the standards of a smartphone, but much lower than the 2,020 euros of the original model.

However, it is more than likely that this device will receive changes for the final version. As Weinbach himself acknowledges, this could vary greatly from what he has found in the source code of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It does mean, at least, that Samsung is developing software for Qualcomm’s flagship processor.

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