The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the creation of home offices to telework, a challenge that AVM allows us to solve in a very simple and totally reliable way Thanks to its complete ecosystem of hardware solutions, the FRITZ! series, and software, where both the FRITZ! OS and the FRITZ! applications stand out, which are completely free.

The first step is to ensure a good Internet connection and a safe working environment. In this sense, FRITZ! Box routers have a set of advanced features and a high level of performance, which will allow us to enjoy the speed and stability we need at all times. If we have to make any adjustment or change the configuration, we can do it in seconds thanks to its simple and intuitive interface.

AVM helps you securely access your company’s data

For this it is recommended use a VPN networkthat is, a virtual private network. When we use this type of network, the data is transferred in a very particular way, as if they were through a tunnel, since this type of network has an input and an output, and somewhere in between is the real connection, which it is totally protected from the outside.

This implies an important layer of protection that will help us prevent attacks that may compromise the data we receive, and is complemented by another security measure that includes advanced data encryption. Accessing our company’s content from home involves a potential security danger, and with a VPN network we can easily overcome it.

AVM uses the standard IPSec VPN, a protocol that guarantees protection, security, integrity and authenticity during the configuration of a tunnel, and is committed to AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard), which meets the highest security requirements and protects connections and data transmissions.

The IP Stack technology It is another layer of additional protection. This technology has been developed by AVM and works as an Internet firewall.

If our company uses a FRITZ! Box router, the connection to the company VPN can be made through the FRITZ! Box itself or established directly with the necessary devices to carry out the work. It is very easy to use, and in case the Internet connection that we are going to use to telework is to be established separately, we will not have anything to worry about, since the FRITZ! Box is capable of creating a second Internet access in the same line with PPPoE Passthrough.

Enjoy a stable, high-performance connection throughout your home

The concept of home office encompasses, today more than ever, the idea of ​​a mobile office, that is, today we may have to telecommute from the living room, and tomorrow we may have to move to a room. Not everyone can dedicate an exclusive room to create a home office, and therefore it is necessary have some flexibility.

AVM FRITZ! Box devices have a high range and allow us to configure our Wi-Fi network in a simple way to adapt it to our needs. If we need to reach the most remote places of our home, a FRITZ! Repeater or a FRITZ! Powerline will help us achieve our objective without complications.

Thanks to the “Mesh Steering” feature, integrated into AVM’s network solutions, our router will automatically recognize when we have changed places and it will detect the new location of our laptop, tablet and other devices, and it will move the connection to the Wi-Fi repeater that offers the best connection quality. We will not have to worry about anything and we can focus on our work.

But this is not all, AVM applications, such as FRITZ! App WLAN, will allow us to keep under control at all times the status and configuration of our Wi-Fi network through our smartphone. We can also complement our home office with the FRITZ! Fon C6, a DECT cordless phone that it is full of possibilities.

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