If you are fans of video games, we have excellent news for you, as one of the most important titles of recent years –and even of the decade– It will be available in the only virtual store that was missing, Google Play. Of course we are talking about Fortnite, the popular Epic Games game that keeps breaking it in the world and that it will finally be available on the app distribution platform of all Android users.

You’re probably wondering, why did it take so long to debut in the Google store? Well, if you don’t remember it around here, we will tell you everything that happened between these two. It all started in 2018 when Epic Games was about to launch Fortnite for all smartphones, but not everything was perfect because When it came to wanting to upload this title to the Play Store, they realized that the company was asking a 30% commission from developers for having this video game on their platform.

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Of course Epic Games completely refused, because it did not seem fair to have to pay such a high amount and on top they would earn millions of dollars for the purchases that are active within Fortnite. Of course, Google was not going to stay with his hands crossed, because when the position of the development company was made public They countered by saying that the game had not actually reached their platform because the installer had a security problem., something that made more than one think about how necessary it was to install it on their mobile phones outside the official store.

The point of Google – beyond adding more fuel to the fire – is true, since it has been proven that those apps and games downloaded outside the official installer tend to be dangerous for users, although flaws have also been found in their store. After going under the water (and with a lot of fans paying for the broken dishes), they have decided to iron out rough edges and team up to bring Fortnite to the Play Store.

So now you know, if you want an option to entertain yourself during these days of quarantine, when we then can no longer find what to do in our spare time, you can give Fortnite games hard and solid. If you want to download this video game from the PlayStore, you can do so by clicking HERE.


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