It has taken more than 18 months since Fortnite was first available for Android devices, so that the application really becomes part of the Google Play Store, thus facilitating its download and installation. And it is that until now the only way to obtain the game was through links and direct downloads provided by Epic Games itself.

However, this decision comes under the same insistence and criticism before the great tightness of Google for the use of its app store, with harsh statements and direct accusations from Epic: «Google puts downloadable software outside of Google Play at a disadvantage, through technical and commercial measures such as repetitive and terrifying security pop-ups for downloaded software and updates, restrictive agreements and agreements from manufacturers and operators, Google public relations that characterize third-party software sources such as malware and new efforts such as Google Play Protect to directly block software obtained outside the Google Play store«.

However, it seems that Epic’s main anger comes from not being able to take advantage of the monetization of this potential increase in new users, since when launching Fortnite through this official Android channel, and despite the fact that it is a totally free game will be forced to pay Google until 30% of all purchases made through the application. And it is that the micropayments of this game have undoubtedly been the main source of income for the company in recent years.

In fact Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, has been one of the most critical voices against both the App Store and the Play Store, accusing both platforms of abusing their respective positions in the market to charge developers more than what is needed: “A 30% store tax is too high a cost for a world where 70% of game developers need this income to cover all their development, operation and support costs for their games «. Some arguments that do not fail to remind us of the criticism of Steam also directed from Epic Games.

For its part, Google defends itself against these accusations, alleging a non-beneficial nature of these taxes, and which in fact, is oriented to offer a better service to these developers: «Google Play has a business model and a billing policy that It allows us to invest in our platform and tools to help developers build successful businesses and keep users safe. “

So this war of opinions seems to have not yet come to an end. And it is that while Fornite is already available as a downloadable application through the Play Store, Epic has converted the previous application of the “Fortnite Launcher” into a general application of Epic Games, with the intention of turning it into a mobile version of the games market currently offered on PC, and a new statement against the Google store.


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