All gamers in the world must be dying of emotion at this time, especially for the special event that Sony will organize this June 11, because it is expected to reveal many things, among them everything related to the PlayStation 5, which is undoubtedly the most anticipated console of this year and of which we know very little for now.

Some days ago, The Japanese company announced that it would transmit from its offices –And adapting to the measures we must take for the coronavirus– an exclusive event that would have to do with the evolution of its insigni consoleto. Following the murder of George Floyd and recent protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, They made the decision to postpone it for a few weeks until the time was right.

Sony suspends PlayStation 5 event due to protests in the United States

And finally, after much expectation, This Thursday, June 11, Sony will bring us more details about the console that many of us have been waiting for a good time. Although this makes us very happy, the truth is that we must have expectations a little low, because apparently they will not present what we expect.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan mentioned this announcement was more focused towards the games that will come to the PlayStation 5 and of which there are quite strong rumors. But who knows, maybe they will take pity on us and already running show us the console (but at best and praying to the god of the gamers, they finally tell us how much it will cost and will come out). Anything can happen.

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And where will they pass it or what wave?

If they reached this point, it is because they surely can’t stand the desire to see what Sony brings to us with the PlayStation 5, but don’t worry. The event will start at 3 p.m. Central Mexico time, and the company will broadcast all the details live on its YouTube account and on its Twitch channel.

For now we can only wait for them to announce big surprises –Among them the console– and above all go looking for the coins that we have out there if they dare to publish once and for all the price and release date of the new PlayStation.


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