Are cheap Apple products on the way? Apple is reputed to be a manufacturer of good, elite and expensive products. Supported by great control of your platform, seamless hardware and software integration, and a terrific marketing department, opens markets in each segment where it is introduced And it is the number one technology in income and benefits, a long way from the competition.

Until very recently, the “economic” or “content” price were concepts that were not understood at the Cupertino headquarters. Or better, they didn’t need it. Even, in an argument maintained by Steve Jobs, they boasted that they were not capable of creating a “cheap” product. That it was good under the parameters of Apple, it is understood.

The drop in sales of its main product, iPhone, the first after a decade of double-digit increases, caused all alarms to sound. The situation was attempted to “camouflage” with macroeconomic challenges, fewer operator subsidies or the strength of the dollar, but they could not hide the lack of innovation, high prices and great competition from China.

And so came the iPhone SE 2020. Highly awaited by industry and users, it is the Apple’s first product considered “affordable” in many years. Although it has its design base in a fairly old terminal (iPhone 8), its chassis has been updated with premium materials such as aluminum and glass; The cameras have been improved (with very good results according to the first tests) and above all, their internal hardware has been updated with its own A13 chipset, which, between its own benefits and the optimization of iOS, offers results at the height of the terminals High-end Android with Qualcomm 865 chipset.

Everyone may not like a design that is far from the current standards and a size much smaller than what marks the current trend in mobile phones, but all analysts consider that it will be a sales boom and help Apple in the competitive mid-range of smart phones now dominated by Chinese manufacturers.

Five cheap Apple products to open the market

And if Apple has produced what is considered a Ā«killerĀ» for many Android terminals, why can’t it create other products with a similar approach for market segments where it still does not have a presence in mobiles, tablets or wearables or to reinforce the themselves. ZDNet suggests some of them and believes they could “crush” the competition. They will ring a bell because we have been talking about all of them.

iPod Arcade

A mobile gaming device It could be created on the basis of an iPod Touch updated under the current parameters with the hardware of the iPhone SE 2020, without regard to communications and cameras. Apple would include controllers similar to those of the Nintendo Switch and would deliver a free subscription to the Apple Arcade. With a base price of $ 200 without dedicated controllers and $ 300 with them, Apple could gain market in mobile games, something that so far has not been achieved.


With confinement by COVID-19, webcam sales have skyrocketed, but not all of them integrate well with Mac computers or have quality software utilities. Apple could create its own webcam Based on the same 12MP wide-angle camera sensor used for selfies on the iPhone 11 and placed in a small case with USB-C / USB-A connectivity, LED lighting for night-time use, and a decent microphone. Apple could even add FaceID sensors in a more advanced model and distribute it also for Windows. Its price: $ 99 in the basic version.

Airpods SE

Apple dominates the high-end smart headset segment with the AirPods and AirPods Pro, but they are too expensive to reach all users. It has a more accessible line with Beats by Dre, but even those are above average. Some basic headphones They are another of the cheap Apple products that we could expect in the future. Adapted for home use, the company could dispense with advanced functions such as noise cancellation and others, producing a basic product, but with sufficient features for video conferencing uses. $ 99 would be the correct price point.

Apple TV SE

Competitors like Roku are selling streamers for $ 30 and the same can be said of Google with Chromecasts and Amazon with Fire TVs. Apple needs an inexpensive solution that would not need to reach 4K resolutions, but it does need to combine multimedia entertainment functions, streaming movies and series and combining with Apple Arcade to cover the gaming section. The suggested price would be $ 99 and $ 149 with a gaming controller.

Apple Watch SE

The segment of smart watches is another that Apple completely dominates and it is not so clear that it needs “cheap” versions because the current Watch are selling at a good pace and in fact, together with the Airpods headphones, they are the ones that grow the most its ecosystem. Still, it could reach a much larger audience with a Watch SE without advanced features like ECG, which maintains the pulse sensor, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. $ 149 would be the right price point to compete with models like the Fitbit Versa. Another option at a lower price would be an Apple quantifying bracelet for sports activity.

What do you think? Do you think that the iPhone SE 2020 has opened the way for cheap Apple products? Or was it an exception? In which market segments should Apple enter or reinforce those it already has? Or should you stay on the elite product line and pay what you can? Can the economic versions cannibalize the products with the highest performance and price?


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