Almost coinciding in time with the declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the global pandemic due to Coronavirus (CODIV-19) on March 11, it was presented Fitbit Charge 4, the activity bracelet (or smartband) that succeeds the Fitbit Charge 3 with important news such as Integrated GPS that provides real-time information on the pace and distance we travel when we go running, walking or cycling, or calls Minutes in Active Zone (MZA), a new metric that uses our age and resting heart rate to provide us with personalized information on our progress at the time that we are doing more intense physical activity.

In addition to these two important additions to a smartband that was already highly recommended in its previous version, Fitbit wanted to go one step further and stand out from other competitors with news that we will discuss below. Of course, following the maxim of “if something works, do not change it”, its external appearance has not been modified, maintaining the Angled design with rectangular screen that at least for me is a success in terms of comfort during the day, but especially when you wear it at night to measure the quality of your sleep.

Available now on the Fitbit website with free shipping to reserve and send it to you in June, it is sold in three colors: black, storm blue and plum; In the case of the first two shades, the monitor is black. Its price is 149.95 euros and, as usual with Fitbit, it is one size fits all because in the box we find the part of the buckle and two others that correspond to sizes S and L to fit almost any wrist. In addition, there is a special version for 169.95 euros that comes with a reflective textile bracelet in granite, as well as the other set of straps in black.

As its design is identical to Fitbit Charge 3, the straps that we had from the previous model serve us perfectly in version 4, but also on the Fitbit website you can find a few straps at different prices depending on whether they are leather, textile or more sports. And as in previous editions, changing the strap of the Fitbit Charge 4 smartband is the easiest thing you can imagine: you only need to press a tab so that it comes out easily and you can put it back or change it for another.

Minutes in Active Zone and intensity of exercise

As I have already mentioned, the incorporation of GPS is one of the incentives for those users who want to make the jump from Fitbit Charge 3, since it avoids having to go out with the mobile phone while walking, running, cycling or hiking. [aquí quiero aclarar que llevar el móvil no es mala idea por si tenemos un accidente o nos perdemos]. The important thing is that we can check the rhythm and distance traveled in real time on our wrist.

We will only have to select the exercise in the Charge 4 smartband (you can take up to six different ones and change them when you want from the Fitbit app), wait for the GPS signal to activate and click on “Start”. We will receive an alert on our wrist when we change the heart rate zone and it is also possible to enable the automatic race detection mode so that Charge 4 automatically connects to the GPS and begins recording the exercise as soon as we have started running.

Later, the interesting thing will be to synchronize Charge 4 to see our Minutes in the Active Zone and consult the Exercise Intensity Map (which provides a detailed breakdown of our different heart rate zones during exercise) in the Fitbit app, which will help us improve our performance.

As for the Minutes in Active Zone, say that Charge 4 is the first Fitbit device that offers this function, although it will be incorporated in successive software updates to other models. MZAs use custom heart rate zones to motivate us to do activities that put our hearts to work.

According to the World Health Organization, it is advisable to do at least 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, and the MZA help us achieve our goals since they record the time we are doing activities that increase our heart rate. For Fitbit, MZAs multiply x2 the most intense minutes of activity, so if we work hard, we can reach our activity goals in half the time.

During exercise, the device will vibrate every time we change our heart rate zone (these are alerts that can be disabled): a buzz indicates fat burning zoneTwo buzzes indicate that we are in cardio zone and three hums we’ve entered the peak area.

By the way, our heart rate zones will be automatically adjusted according to our progress and thus we will learn to better understand how our body responds to the different activities we carry out.

More news

Before commenting on everything regarding the possibilities that Fitbit Charge 4 offers us to know the quality and duration of our sleep, I do not want to forget to list some very interesting functions that complement such a recommended device.

Now we can choose, play and put songs in random mode of Spotify, and even skip content and like from the wrist. But beware, it is only for control, Charge 4 does not store music.
With Fitbit Pay We can make secure payments from our wrist without having to carry our mobile phone and wallet with us in all establishments that have contactless technology.
To change the Brightness of the screen Fitbit Charge 4 will only have to open the “Settings” menu and choose the “Brightness” option to choose between dark, normal or automatic.
Up to 20 available from the Fitbit app clock formats, including seven new exclusive options for Charge 4.
Charge 4 is the first Fibit device in which the user can select between Languages Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Russian.
Know your daily progress just by swiping up the device screen. Our daily activity statistics, health metrics and battery level will be displayed. Of course, we can customize the statistics we want to see on the screen.
Set the notifications to enable / disable call, text, calendar, email and app alerts. It is also possible to choose the “do not disturb” mode to rest from so many notifications.
With the “Relax” app we can enjoy a session of guided breathing personalized according to our heart rate.
Women can see their menstrual cycle directly on your wrist and monitor your symptoms, record them and compare your cycles, but this will already be from the Fitbit app.
It is possible to use the chronometer or timer, very useful for when we do interval training or need a reminder.

Sleep quality

Fitbit is since 2017 one of the companies that is investigating the most in offering us the best “radiography” of our dreams. Thanks to continuous monitoring technology PurePulse that allows us to know our heart rate zones in real time, in addition to measuring the calories we burn throughout the day, it monitors the phases of sleep, the level of cardiovascular health (VO2Max), the guided breathing sessions and the already mentioned functionality of Minutes in Active Zone.

Fitbit offers us a “Sleep score” It provides us with daily information on the quality of our sleep based on heart rate, the time we spend restless and awake, as well as the phases of sleep. Best of all, we can now see this score in the Fitbit app or directly from the Charge 4 screen.

Also say that the “Sleep mode” Allows you to disable notifications and disable screen display before going to sleep, and that a smart alarm clock to set an alarm that wakes us up at the optimal time to ensure that we are rested to start the day.


With a battery life of up to seven days (which are reduced to 5 hours with the GPS in constant operation), the features of Minutes in Active Zone and Exercise Intensity Map, as well as its sleep monitoring technology and all the News that we have commented in this analysis, we are convinced that Fitbit Charge 4 is one of the best activity bracelets on the market, which is why it deserves our “Recommended Product” logo.

Final assessment


Fitbit Charge 4 provides such important innovations as the integrated GPS that provides real-time information on the pace and distance we travel when we go running, walking or cycling, or the so-called Minutes in the Active Zone, a new metric to know our progress in the moment we are doing a more intense physical activity.


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