Firefox Private Relay it is the latest from Mozilla for your web browser. So last is that the project is still in beta and can only be tested by invitation, so hold the enthusiasm because until it is ready and available to everyone there is still time. But we already tell you everything that is known about this invention.

In essence, Firefox Private Relay allows the creation of One-click email aliases so that the user does not have to expose his real address every time he registers in a new site, thus avoiding spam and other potentially harmful inconveniences for the security of his account. As simple as that.

The operation of Firefox Private Relay is equally simple: once the service is activated, a browser extension will generate an alias for each new record, and messages sent to that alias will be redirected to the email address linked to the Firefox account, so only Mozilla will know the user’s real address.

Thus, in case that any of the aliases start receiving spam, it will be enough to eliminate it to get rid of the problem and, more importantly, in case the site suffers a security breach, something relatively common in times we live in, the actual email address will never be exposed of the user.

The idea is not new. Apple announced a similar service last year, and most email providers offer the ability to create aliases, although hiding the actual address is often difficult. So any facility is appreciated and that’s how Firefox Private Relay is understood.

What will happen next is difficult to foresee, but it has been a while since in Mozilla they are overturned with the protection of privacy to stand out a bit against the competition, about which they have recently launched services such as Firefox Monitor and Firefox Lockwise, or the yet to come Firefox VPN, although this will be paid.


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