Following the cadence of monthly releases started this 2020 by Mozilla arrives Firefox 77, a new version of the web browser for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) without great news, except for certain groups of users.

For example, the first new development highlighted in the Firefox 77 release notes refers to the recommendations of Pocket, the article saving service to read after Mozilla bought a few years ago, it is not clear why and whose contribution to popularization browser – its most pressing goal, looking at the market share data – has been zero. But they insist on it.

As they explain, “Reading the news today can be overwhelming, repetitive, and exhausting.” Pocket recommendations, aimed at “refreshing” our readings with article recommendations “healthy, stories that can feed our minds, generate new ideas and make us feel recharged, informed and inspired” … But do not fear, because this function, available for some time in the United States United, Canada and Germany, now extends to the United Kingdom…. and when it reaches the country you are reading from, you can deactivate it.

Much more interesting is the default activation of WebRender, the browser’s next-generation web rendering engine, on Windows 10 laptops and NVIDIA GPUs on medium and large 3440 × 1440-pixel displays. That is, users of Firefox 77 with this configuration should notice a performance improvement, as users with similar configurations and Intel graphics did before. This is, in fact, one of the tricks of Firefox to recover some of the lost ground against Chrome and Chromium-based alternatives, although as shown by the tests carried out there, it is not enough for the invention.

Another interesting new feature in Firefox 77 is the new internal “about: certificate” page, which makes it easier to manage web certificates and the option to export them individually. Especially useful for developers and advanced users who manage servers and web applications.

For users on foot, a novelty that will go unnoticed is not the option of disable search engines that appear in the drop-down of the address bar in the configuration search preferences, disregarding from now on accessing the advanced preferences (about: config) to do this.


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