Firefox 76 It is the new version of the Mozilla browser for the month of May and unlike what happened with the previous one, the new features it brings make sense and are useful, especially for those who appreciate the change of course undertaken in pursuit of security and privacy. .

If you do not know everything to the finger, to understand well what comes with Firefox 76 you have to go back six versions, up to Firefox 70, which is when it was introduced to Firefox Lockwise as a new password system.

The most important news of Firefox 76 are those related to Firefox Lockwise, including the implementation of the alert system, which will be triggered when it is detected that a site where an account is registered has been violated and user credentials have been exposed on the Internet … which is not always the case.

The alert will be activated in the password manager and if it detects that the same password has been used for other sites, it will request its change. It’s not something that many other password managers already offer, but it’s certainly a welcome preview in Firefox Lockwise for Firefox 76.

Firefox 76 also improves the creating strong passwords And while it’s not ready yet, when it is, Firefox Lockwise and Firefox Private Relay are going to be the most exciting combination of managing accounts and credentials online.

Firefox 76 – Lockwise Alerts

Finally, Firefox 76 gives a twist to the protection of saved passwords by modifying the access method, so «if you don’t have a master password configured for Firefox, Windows and macOS now require you to be logged in to the operating system account before displaying your saved passwords. »

For more information about the improvements Firefox Lockwise receives, don’t miss this article.

Other new features in this version include improved accessibility with floating Picture-in-Picture videos, which now allow switching to full screen and vice versa with a double click; the compatibility with Audio Worklets, which allows for more complex audio processing and thanks to which there is no longer any need for additional downloads when using Zoom to make video conferences, they explain.

To top it off, Firefox 76 further extends the rollout of its new web engine, which will now be activated for notebook users with modern Intel graphics and a screen resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels or less. This is how Mozilla continues to cover itself with glory. Thank goodness with Lockwise they seem to be doing well.


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