The German company AVM has managed to create value added in their products through software. FRITZ! OS is the best example, as it remains a benchmark operating system in the sector for its intuitive and affordable user interface, its advanced features and the good support it receives at the level of updates.

It is, as we said, the great standard bearer of AVM, but it is not the only interesting solution offered by the German manufacturer at the software level. MyFRITZ! App It is a completely free application that we can download and use on iOS and Android and that will allow us to control our network and connected devices through our smartphone or tablet in a simple way.

In this article we are going to tell you what exactly is MyFRITZ! App and what it can do for you. To start enjoying it you just have to enter the Google Play Store, if you use an Android-based device, or in the App Store, If you use an IOS-based device, download it and you’re done.

MyFRITZ! App from AVM: all the control on your smartphone

This application allows us remotely access a FRITZ! Box and control both its settings and services as well as the state of our network and of all the devices that we have connected to the router. This includes Wi-Fi repeaters, PLCs, USB storage drives, printers, and home automation solutions.

What can you do with MyFRITZ! App?

Access the list of calls and messages of our FRITZ! Box from a smartphone or tablet.
Have remote access to the USB storage devices connected to the FRITZ! Box, including home automation devices.
Enjoy our private cloud and access the files that we have in our FRITZ! Box, in the storage units connected to it.
Modify the configuration remotely, consult information and manage all the functions.
Remote access to the list of calls of the FRITZ! Box, which will allow us to check who has called us to the landline, and if they have left us a message on the answering machine we can listen to it.
We can turn off and on the home automation devices and assess the data and usage reports.
Identify the devices connected to our network.

Are you worried about the configuration and adjustment process? Well, you have nothing to fear, the application is very easy to use, since the configuration process it is done automatically.

Content provided by AVM FRITZ.


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