WhatsApp he works in a new feature which will add a layer of protection to our messages on the iPhone. According to WABetaInfo, the latest beta for iOS enabled protected backups by password. This will prevent someone from accessing your iCloud chats and reading your messages.

Before making a backup we can encrypt information with an alphanumeric password. When changing mobile or reinstalling WhatsApp, the application will ask us for the password if we want to restore our user with a previous backup.

Yes this combined with two-step verification we would have a armored account against malicious agents. Backup with password is in development for iOS and Android. The feature is present in beta for iPhone for the lucky ones who are enrolled in the program.

At the moment it is unknown when it will be implemented in the final version. Let’s remember that WhatsApp takes its time to deploy new features and these usually debut on Android. To get an idea, the gap between both operating systems is almost three monthsSince beta 2.20.73 for Android debuted this option in early March.

WhatsApp will be integrated with Messenger Rooms

Another option that will come to WhatsApp for iOS is a shortcut to Messenger Rooms. The new Facebook integration allows video calls with up to 50 people, unlike the 8 that can participate in WhatsApp. The screenshots show an access to “Room” to create a session and send a link to the people we want to add.

Messenger Rooms is Facebook’s response to Zoom, Skype and other video call services. The confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic caused everyone to turn to the applications in order to communicate with their own. Messenger Rooms is the last to arrive at the party and active Group video chats with people without the need for a Messenger account or Whatsapp.

The links to the Rooms – or Rooms – will be present in the share section within WhatsApp. It is possible that this implementation is a priority for WhatsApp to take advantage of the latest spurt of the quarantine.

For now no date defined Regarding when we will see these options applied to all WhatsApp users.


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