Better known as Files, Google’s file manager for Android It is a curious application: it is not installed by default on many phones, which usually already have a dedicated app, well developed by the manufacturer or the basic Android one, which is not Files; and yet it is one of the most appreciated of its category not for what it is supposed to be its main utility, but for its ability to facilitate the liberation of space in storage.

This is how Google presents it, in fact: «Google Files is a file management app that helps you do the following: free up space with cleaning recommendations, find files faster with simple searches and navigation, share files offline with others people, fast and without using data and back up data to save space on the device »; And the truth is that with that objective the company launched it a couple of years ago, after trying it for a time under the name of Files Go.

In this way, Files has evolved adding other features to become a most useful tool, which although it had and has similar alternatives, which comes from the hand of Google -when you are already using Android, of course- gives it an additional plus to consider it first.

Files will have its segura safe folder ’

Thus, Google continues to work on improving Files and one of the next news that awaits the application on ‘secure folder‘, That is,” a dedicated folder that hides your files safely and prevents other applications or anyone who has access to your phone from accessing them “, they explain in 9to5Google, where they have been investigating the beta version.

Once the secure folder has been created, Files will offer the possibility of moving individual files to it, which will be protected after setting a password or PIN. And what in principle seems to point to the creation of an encrypted folder, since it is specified that losing the unlocking key of the folder will mean losing access to the files, it is not explicit, although it is taken for granted.

The secure folder feature is expected to hit Files in the next stable version of the app, so stay tuned. And if by any chance you haven’t tried it yet, check it out on Google Play because it’s worth it, especially if you’re one of those who is always in a hurry with the phone’s storage space.


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