Donald trumpAs usual, he is attracting attention due to his controversial statements on social networks. However, yesterday Twitter again hid one of his tweets for “glorify violence”. And is that after the wave of protests and looting that have been experienced in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd, a part of Trump’s tweet expressed the following: “When the looting begins, the shooting begins”. The company led by Jack Dorsey did not hesitate to move, but what about Facebook?

“Freedom of expression” as an excuse

It turns out that Facebook, faithful to its customs of null intervention, will not take any action against Trump’s message. Recall that it was also published on the aforementioned social network. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, again espoused the “freedom of expression” that they both boast, mentioning that will not take action against the president as long as its content is not dangerous:

I know that many people are upset that we have left the President’s comments, but our position is that we must allow as much expression as possible. Unless it causes an imminent risk of damage or specific hazards outlined in the policies. Facebook closely scrutinized the Minnesota post to assess whether it violated our policies.

However, when concluding that it was a “state action”, Facebook believes users “need to know” when the government plans to use force. “Our policy on inciting violence allows discussion of the use of force by the state, although I think the current situation raises important questions about what the potential limits of that discussion should be,” added the ever-indifferent executive.

Likewise, Zuckerberg indicates that, after sharing the controversial statement, Trump himself nuanced his words in a later message. The latter, of course, was intended to deflect the seriousness of the original text, since it emphasized that it was in fact referring to the possibility that a looting could lead to violence. “We decided that this publication, which explicitly discouraged violence, also does not violate our policies and it is important that people see it.”

Facebook and its late stance

Facebook took a day to comment on the situation, and therefore became the target of criticism. It seems that regardless of how severe and damaging Donald Trump’s positions may be, on the Zuckerberg social network you will always have a space to express and spread your follies. After all, the company will never charge against you.

Finally the CEO of Facebook concluded: “These are difficult decisions and, just like today, the content we leave behind is deeply offensive to me. We try to think about all the consequences, and we keep our policies under constant review because the context is always evolving. People may agree or disagree on where we should draw that line, but I hope they understand that our philosophy is that it is best to have an open discussion, especially when the stakes are high. I do not agree with the way the President He talked about this, but I think people should be able to see it for themselves. Ultimately, accountability for those in positions of power can only occur when your speech is analyzed openly. “


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