Messenger Rooms will be a watershed as it is a new feature
which will allow users to create video conferencing rooms.

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How deluded we were when we believed that
a stranger like Zoom could dominate the world of video calls, although said
incidentally, Zoom didn’t help much with its serious security issues and

Since the pandemic of
COVID-19 we have seen attempts by Microsoft with Skype and even Google
with Google Meet. But now comes the turn of Facebook, which had only
showed small advances of what he had in his hands: ‘Messenger Rooms’, his
new video calling function where you will unify all your platforms, including
It can be used by those who do not have an account in any of them.

Yes, Zuckerberg just released the
claws in showing what it is capable of. And we are talking about that
Messenger Rooms is a video call platform that will unite for the first time
the most used applications and services in the world: Facebook, WhastApp and
Instagram. Almost nothing.

Rest in peace, Zoom … and incidentally Skype, Google Meet and the rest

According to Mark Zuckerberg, today
more than 700 million people make calls through Facebook
Messenger and WhatsApp every day. Given this, they have decided to make things easier and
make a total commitment to the video, more now that its use of
exponential form. And just look at the Zoom case, which went from 10 million
users more than 300 million. It was obvious that Zuckerberg was not going to stay
arms folded.

Messenger Rooms will be a watershed,
since it is a new function that will allow users to create rooms
video conferencing, initially from Messenger or Facebook, and invite
anyone to join, even if they don’t have a Facebook account. The
video calls will have the capacity to connect up to 50 people at the same time
and without time limit.

People can connect from
a smartphone or from your computer, and if they are not users or do not have an account
they won’t need to download an app or open an account. Initially it will be limited to
17 participants, and later video calls can be made from
Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal, the Facebook device that is not yet
available in Mexico.

The creator of the room will have the
control and a link that you can share with whoever you want to add to the
conversation. In fact, as they explain, the creator will be able to make the room
open or private, and will have the power to expel whoever they want.

Facebook claims that they can
see the content of video calls, although it should be noted that the rooms do not
they will be end-to-end encrypted. He also explained that people will be able
report rooms in case they see something illegal or violate someone

Those who enter a room to
through Messenger, they can use augmented reality filters and even
place one of the new 360 degree backgrounds or 14 filters that will be

Messenger Rooms will launch in some
countries these days and will reach the whole world in the coming weeks. Not yet
there are details of when it will arrive in Mexico, but we will be attentive to any

The commitment to video is total

If this from Messenger Rooms was not
Enough, Facebook also announced that the WhatsApp update that
will allow video calls with up to eight people, the next week will arrive
to both iOS and Android worldwide.

On the other hand, Facebook Live will add
again a feature called ‘Live With’, which will allow users to invite
to another person to broadcast with them live. They also noted that
They will facilitate access to live videos for those who have a
limited data plan or bad connection, so users now
they will be able to listen only to the audio of the lives, in order to avoid data consumption

In the case of Instagram, now it
will allow users to upload their live broadcasts to IGTV, in addition to
which can now be viewed from a computer. While on Facebook Dating
now users can have virtual appointments through a video call in

All these news will arrive in the
next months.




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