Facebook agreed to pay $ 52 million to all moderators who developed post-traumatic stress disorder because of his work, as reported by The Verge. The measure, agreed with the Superior Court of San Mateo, California, includes not only employees who left the company, also those who still remain in it. The latter, in addition to being compensated for the damages, will receive advice from the social network to continue doing their work.

Moderators with post-traumatic stress or other disorders are eligible for a maximum amount of $ 50,000

Each of the 11,250 moderators involved You must receive at least $ 1,000. If the diagnosis concludes that they have post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental conditions – such as depression – will be eligible for a maximum figure of $ 50,000. According to the attorneys who handled the case, more than half can claim the additional payment. The problem, of course, is much more serious than initially believed, and represents yet another blemish on Facebook’s long history of scandals.

The demand of the moderators

It was in September 2018 when Selena Scola, a former Facebook moderator, sued the company for causing post-traumatic stress after 9 months. The cause? The constant exposure to “highly toxic and extremely disturbing” images. Beyond the unpleasantness of the content that they must deal with daily, the victim accused Facebook of not providing adequate training to cope with their work. Specialized mental health services had to be involved, and the company did not provide them.

According to Scola, her responsibility as moderator required her to examine content on child sexual abuse, rape, torture, beheading, suicide and murder, among many other unpleasant things that appear on the internet. Fortunately, Scola was not alone in her purpose, as gradually other moderators joined that presented the same consequences of the difficult work. Over the months, those affected grew in number and managed to attract the spotlights.

The California Court found that moderators can spend the money they get on whatever they want. However, Facebook aims to ensure that invest in your mental treatment. “We are very pleased. Facebook worked with us to create an unprecedented program to help people do work that was unimaginable even a few years ago,” said attorney Steve Williams.

Also, those led by Mike Zuckerberg will perform “improvements” in your moderation tools. That includes muting audio by default and having videos displayed in black and white. Moderators who are confronted daily with the most unpleasant things on the internet will receive training from a mental health expert. If they have a crisis due to their work, in less than 24 hours they will have access to a session with a professional in the field.

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