Facebook Shops It is Facebook’s latest strategy to capitalize on the COVID-19 pandemic. The company officially announced a platform to create online stores which can be accessed through Instagram and facebook.

According to the technology, creating a store in Facebook Shops is “easy and simple”. It is only required to choose the products that we will include in the catalog and customize it. At first glance it seems a process similar to creating a Page where it can be personalized with the cover image and colors.

Facebook stores will be hosted on the pages of a company or on an Instagram profile. Users will be able to discover them by accessing directly, although it is almost a fact that we will see them announced in intermediate advertising between stories or posts.

Facebook Shops comes at a time when businesses are struggling to survive due to quarantine. While companies like Airbnb or Uber record losses and lay off thousands of employees, online shopping and delivery have skyrocketed.

“Our goal is to make shopping seamless and empower anyone from a small business owner to a global brand to use our applications to connect with customers.”

One of the peculiarities is that the purchase process is done without leaving the application. Users can navigate between products, add the one they like to the shopping cart and pay for it right there. If you require assistance, you can open a WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct chat, depending on the options offered by the store.

Facebook announced that works with partners like Shopify, WooCommerce and others, to offer trading tools to those who implement their store on the platform. Finally, the technology is testing point systems and rewards that will be integrated into your Facebook account to obtain benefits in stores.

The implementation of Facebook Shops starts today in the United States with the intention of expanding to other regions in the coming months. In the same way it was announced that from the summer it will be available Instagram shop, a place where we can buy products that appear in the image explorer.

Although Instagram already has a store function for some profiles, these redirect to a web page to finalize the purchase. Instagram shop will be added as a shortcut in the navigation bar and will offer sales by category and brand. In addition to that, products can be tagged to promote them during an Instagram Live transmission.

The date on which the Facebook Stores will land in Spain, Mexico and other Latin American countries is unknown. We also don’t know if this will end up killing the Marketplace, one of the sections of the platform where we can buy new and used items.

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