Facebook is investigating and eliminating these numerous days Profiles causing comments and likes associated with spam in the official accounts of the Government of Spain on the social network. An activity discovered in the past few days and which has highlighted the notorious problem faced by platforms such as the aforementioned when it comes to maximizing the veracity of information within its limits.

As reported on Wednesday by Europa Press, from the social network they have confirmed that they are actively working to suppress the presence of such profiles on Facebook, at a time that is of special delicacy both for Spanish society and for the rest of the world. “In this case, we investigated the information shared by the Government and found a global increase in spam and false ‘likes’ and we have eliminated them,” said the company from the aforementioned media.

The existence of these profiles, which have had a special incision on the page that the Ministry of Health controls on Facebook, was reported to the social network directly by the Executive at spot unusual activity in your posts. This was originated by recently created accounts, without any previous interaction and with fraudulent registration data.

Amplifying the message

Social networks play an increasingly important role in amplifying the information published on them from different profiles, which is why they continue to be, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, objects of heavy investment by all types of advertisers. It is for this reason that neither false news nor profiles of illicit origin should have a place in them and interfere in their normal activity.

Although still the origin or motive for the false accounts detected on Facebook is not clearThis would not be the first time that a political party has been discovered in Spain using bots or profiles that do not represent who they say they are. Last September, for example, Twitter and Facebook removed hundreds of spam accounts associated with the Popular Party from their platforms.

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