Chris Cox will again walk the halls of Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park. After an abrupt departure a little over a year ago, Mark Zucerberg’s second-in-command he returns to take over the division he left. Thus, he becomes the new Product Manager of the social network.

“I approached Mark a while ago and said I would be interested in helping,” Cox himself said Thursday in a Facebook post. “[…] Facebook and our products have never been more relevant to our future. It is the place I know best, it is a place I have helped build, and it is the best place to roll up my sleeves and seek help. “

In May 2018, Facebook carried out a restructuring that left Cox as the visibe head of the Product generalities, encompassing WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and the eponymous social network in his position. In March 2019, however, disagreements with Zuckerberg himself and the vision of entwining the encryption of the platforms led to his resignation.

Facebook CEO he did not designate anyone then for the vacant position, a situation that has remained so far. Instead, the Spanish Javier Oliván stepped forward and took the reins of the aforementioned platform unification. This is one of the heaviest executives on Facebook and one of the key people in the organization chart.

Chris Cox and new fresh air for Facebook

Cox’s return to the company is all news on the social network, where they are going through a delicate moment. “I have been following Facebook and have been encouraged by progress on many of the big issues we face,” he says. “In the past month, the world has become more chaotic and unstable, which has only given me more determination to help. Our most important decisions and products are ahead.”

This year Facebook faces the complicated scenario that is the US elections, after having shown to play a relevant role in the previous ones. Cox’s return, moreover, means a lot on a moral level for the company. After dedicating thirteen years of his life to the company, he was one of the executives who, before his departure, many considered Zuckerberg’s potential successor in the future.


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